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MOMENTO! Educational & Institutional films distribution


All our titles  are exclusively available for purchase to schools, Universities, libraries, and other educational institutions.

The individual purchase price (home video) does not grant public performance rights, including classroom screenings. If the copy at your library was obtained at an individual purchase price, we would be happy to provide you with the opportunity to regularize your license and to upgrade your copy under the same conditions as mentioned above (-25% of the catalogue price).



For all other types of screenings, including public screenings, or if you have any questions, please contact us directly.





  • Why are there different prices for most films?
    Our prices are calculated according to the duration of the film, the DVDs extras and its year of production. All the prices are for Educational licenses, you might come accross home viewing prices but please keep in mind: Purchasing a film at the educational license rate gives you the right to show it to others outside of a home setting, as long as you do not charge admission for these screenings. Purchasing a film at the home market price does not include public performance rights and does not give you permission to screen the film to others outside of a home setting. That is what the warning at the beginning of the film means.
  • The film I want is not listed in the catalog. Will it ever be?
    Not all Eyal Sivan's films are edited and published on DVD, nevertheless, we can upon specific demand fabricate a digital file or a DVD of any of our films. Please contact us.
  • May I rent a DVD from you?
    We do not rent DVDs for home use, just for public performances. For public performances rentals, please contact us directly for rates and information.
  • I'm an independent video store, may I rent or sell the films by momento films?"
    Yes. Please contact us at to work out special arrangements.
  • Do the DVDs have extras?
    Some of the DVDs do.
  • Are the DVDs limited by region?
    No. The DVDs are all Region, NTSC, 0 a.k.a. or Region Free. This means that they can be played on a DVD player in any country.
  • Do the DVDs have subtitles?
    YES, always English subtitles, usually also in French and sometimes many other languages.
  • How may I purchase a video copy of a film?
    Films can be purchased online via credit card or Paypal. Simply click on the price of the film and license type you would like to purchase on one of the film description pages. Films can be purchased offline via purchase order or check. We are usually able to ship within a couple of days of receiving your order. However, this is not always possible so if a rush is requested, please contact us.
  • Will you fill orders for international customers?
  • Is there a set price for the entire collection?
    YES, please contact us for information and rates.
  • May I preview the film before renting or purchasing?
    No. momento films is a small distribution company and is unable to accommodate preview requests. We will send reviews on the film you are interested in to help you determine if it is suitable for your class.
  • Can my organization make an archival backup copy of the film?
    Yes, only if you have purchased a digital steaming license (DSL).
  • I would like Mr. Sivan to show his films and speak at our university/organization. Is it possible?
    Yes, Mr. Sivan frequently speaks throughout the world in conjunction with screenings of his films. Please contact momento films in advance with your interest and possible dates. We will then work together to arrange a lecture or retrospective.
  • Can you post my Sivan film screening on your Calendar of Events?
    Of course! If your organization already owns a copy of a film and is planning on showing it, we would be happy to post it on our website. Just email us at with details on the screening(s) and a link to your website, if applicable.
  • Other questions?
    Mail :
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