MOMENTO! Educational & Institutional films distribution


All our titles  are exclusively available for purchase to schools, Universities, libraries, and other educational institutions.

The individual purchase price (home video) does not grant public performance rights, including classroom screenings. If the copy at your library was obtained at an individual purchase price, we would be happy to provide you with the opportunity to regularize your license and to upgrade your copy under the same conditions as mentioned above (-25% of the catalogue price).



For all other types of screenings, including public screenings, or if you have any questions, please contact us directly.



Educational Licenses

A DSL license allows to:
* Host the film file on digital server
* Members to watch the film via a private, password-protected connection
* Make the film available to students, staff and faculty members for the purposes of research, education, and any other non-commercial use * Hold a private, non-theatrical screening. The institution can hold repeated screenings with a single licence
* This license is granted for three years (renewable with 25% reduction)

Delivery & Pricing

Standard mode of delivery is via digital file transfer. *DIGITAL SITE LICENSE – $500* *PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS LICENSE – $400* *PUBLIC PERFORMANCE AND DIGITAL SITE LICENSE – $600* *If a DVD copy of the film is required, there is an additional postage fee of $50.* *If a Blu-Ray copy of the film is required, there is an additional postage fee of $75.*

DVD Return Program and to Format Upgrade Policy

Return Program: for replacement of films purchased with an Educational License, if your VHS, DVD, DSFile, becomes scratched or unusable, simply return it to us and we will send you a replacement copy at a cost of $50, including shipping.
VHS to DVD or DSL upgrad policy: We offer a 25% discount on the purchase price listed on our website for a VHS to DVD or DSL upgrade. To place your order for a DVD replacement copy, please contact us.

Copyright Code

Our films are for non-theatrical use only (unless agreed otherwise in writing) and are protected under Copyright Code. They may not be reproduced, duplicated, televised or transmitted in whole or in part, or posted on the internet without specific written permission from Momento Films, Ltd.

Placing your order

Orders may be placed directly through the website. We may also receive orders via phone or email, and we accept institutional purchase orders.

Payment options

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Bank transfer for payment for institutional orders.

Shopping Cart

The basket section keeps a record of items you have selected for purchase during your time browsing our website. You can always go to this section to review or remove items you have selected.

Terms and Conditions for Sales

All sales are final. No refunds will be issued. If a DVD is received in damaged or unsatisfactory condition, it may be exchanged for a new copy of the same film. Damages must be reported within 14 days of receipt of video. Shipments that do not arrive within 30 days of email shipping confirmation must be reported to momento films. After 30 days, momento films is no longer held responsible for replacement. momento films is not responsible for tracking, shipping speed, or other delivery related issues.